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The world of Canton is large: only a portion has been settled by humans, but it is relatively safe from the savagery of the wilds. The five nations of Baraned, Ren, Mirada, Trobourn and Ryves are at a relative peace with each other. A little over two hundred years ago these nations collected what armies they could muster to fight back the hordes of beasts threatening their lands. Although victorious, the nations kept to themselves afterward, only respecting each others potential for commerce. In the years following what was later named the Beast War, the Great Wall was built between the Felosial and Thamior Mountain ranges by the country of Ren. Few dare travel outside the wall to what is now known as the Beastlands.

The races in Canton are human, dwarf, elf, gnome, halfling, and half-orc…
Humans are the predominant race. Dwarves would be more successful if their cities in the mountains had not been overrun in the Beast War. Now, only a few clans survive outside of human settlements, tending to live in more remote parts of the mountains. Many an aged dwarf dreams of reclaiming his city from whatever monsters might be lurking still. Halflings were never large in number and tend to stay in human communities, but there are several halfling villages in Yolton Forest. Gnomes are few as well, but there are also several gnomish settlements nestled in the forests and mountains, mainly in Trobourn. Most know the value of a gnome craftsman. No human equals the level of talent and dedication put into a gnomish item. Elves tend to keep to themselves. Only a few elfen communties exist today, but some prefer the human communities where elves tend to gain an upper hand in politics and trade due to their prolonged ages and the wisdom inherent to it. Half-orcs, the least popular race in Canton, live only in human settlements, where they are either treated as base level citizens, or even taken as indentured servants. Some orcs after the Beast War felt lost in their cause after being beaten, so a small number of them were taken prisoner, soon to be bought into slavery, or released into poverty.

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