Wednesday Generals

Tinkspinner Estate

The first job...

Days Two and Three, Week one the Red Winds

The party comes to the barkeep Woark and he lays out a job for them:
The estate of a recently deceased loremaster known as Tinkspinner has come into new hands, and the new owners want the main house and outlying buildings cleared of any monsters that might be a threat.
Setting out on foot following the Wroat river, the first day of travel is uneventful. The heroes make camp at the edge of the Buckland forest, Cuthalion goes on a hunt and brings back a deer.
On the second day, the party reaches the outskirts of the Tinkspinner Estate. Cautiously approaching, they inspect the first building, finding it to be a waiting/entertaining room full of mundane books and bottles of wine.
Next, the group attempts to pick the lock of the main house, but to no avail. Gashka searches the perimeter and finds a side door, unlocked. Weapons drawn, they enter the room to find a library. After searching for any important books, their investigation leads to a dining room. Finding nothing of use, a sound is heard behind a door. Careful and with weapons drawn, the party opens to door to be assaulted by giant rats.
Killing the vermin, the party looks into the next room to find a pantry with a majority of the foodstuffs rotted or eaten. Searching the rest of the house, the heroes head upstairs. Several sleeping quarters are found, and it becomes apparent to the party that the previous owner was of small stature, being either gnome or halfling. After looting what small treasure was tucked away in cupboards and under beds, the heroes set out for the next building…


haysay haysay

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