Wednesday Generals

The Adventure Begins...In Wroat City

Second Session

Day one, Week one of the Red Winds

The heroes converge unknowingly in the streets of Wroat City.
Archaeologist Konrad Curtz is searching for work as well as clues to a mystery involving his family.
Vithur, alchemist in a traveling merchant caravan, looks for potential customers of his wares.
Gashka, Cleric of Sarenrae, quests for a temple of her faith in the wake of her home temple being destroyed.
Sorceress Zophia pursues knowledge of her abberant bloodline.
Cuthalion, ruffian on the run, decides to lie low in a new town.

Vithur, Konrad and Cuthalion coincidentally find themselves on the doorstep of the Flying Serpent Inn. The latter two looking for work, they question the burly barkeep Woark. The svirfneblin, though, finds comfort in a mug of ale and a game of darts.

The half-orc cleric successfully finds of a temple of her deity, but finds the complacency of her fellow priests unsettling. She explains the incident of the destruction of the temple, and the clerics are concerned, but leave poor excuses as they invite her for a pitcher at the Serpent.

The sorceress finds a local shopkeep selling books, magical knickknacks and the like, and discovers a tome detailing information about abberant powers and the planes. Buying the book and finding a quiet park to read, she learns that the name known to plague her family, the Dehichugtlo, has the powers and capabilities told to her by her aunt. Also, she learns that a local loremaster outside the city is an expert on the subject. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to find his estate, and looks for a room for the night. Her search brings her to the Flying Serpent.

Vithur, feeling lucky, takes on a dart-throwing bet with a local drunk. After taking several of his coins, the drunk thinks Vithur is cheating. The argument leads the two outside, and a crowd follows. An altercation begins, and Vithur succumbs to the fists, Konrad and Cuthalion step in, only to be confronted by the man’s friends. After a small scale fight outside the bar, the heroes win. The barkeep is impressed with the party’s skills, and says he has work…


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